Impressed by dedication and patience

My son started seeing Ms. Marci when he was a little over three years old. We wanted to raise him bilingually but found out that he had speech delay. At that time, he hardly put two words together and he was getting more and more frustrated and angry. Ms. Marci put him through weekly sessions, allowed us in to observe their play and communication, and encouraged two languages at home.  During three years, we were impressed by her dedication and amazed by her patience. She was always helpful and provided us with guidance in an area not so many parents are knowledgeable. After three years, lots of sessions and mutual efforts, my son has graduated recently from Small Talk and we are truly delighted to hear him speak two languages fluently!

I would give 10 stars

I would give 10 stars to Marci because she is that awesome. She is amazing with kids and really understands how to help them improve their speech and vocabulary. Unfortunately- she does her job too well because we no longer need her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing speech services.

Marci is terrific

My two sons have both seen Marci and she is terrific! One of my boys needed her help with speech and the other with some sensory issues. I was so appreciative of the advice and professional opinion Marci gave us. It helped ease my anxiety and helped both my boys grow into the fine, strong, confident young men they are today! Thank you, Marci!

Recommended for speech delay and down syndrome

My daughter has a speech delay and Down syndrome. She has been seeing Marci for many years with great success. Marci makes the sessions fun while working with my daughter on her needs – whether it be articulation or expressive language. Marci is willing to work with our school-based speech therapist and offers support for our annual IEP. She is always on-time, respectful, and welcoming. I highly recommend her business.

The Right Fit

Marci worked with my son for five years, “graduating” him from her service, and then recommending a specific social skills group as follow up (which he is still attending). His challenge was originally receptive communication skills, but several years later, he was unofficially diagnosed with autism. Marci was the right fit for him — knowledgable, patient, kind, and always doing what was best for my son and our family. And now, at age 10, my son is doing really well. He enjoys school, has lots of friends, and is starting to play team sports. Those things seemed unattainable when we first started seeing Marci.

Lisa G

Mrs. Marcy has been seeing my daughter who was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 2 and developed a moderate speech / articulation delay. As new parent to the world of Epilepsy and the potential impacts it can have on childhood development, Marcy was very helpful in establishing a plan to get my daughter’s development back on track. Small Talks facility is spacious and warming helping my daughter to settle in quickly to each of her lessons. Each lesson is approached with fun while learning the focus of the lesson. I was very worried at age 3 when she started lessons my daughter wouldn’t be able to focus or handle lessons, but Marcy’s extensive experience and kind/caring style relieved all my concerns quickly. Marcy is always on time, flexible when my daughter is sick and goes above and beyond to help me look for patterns that can help our neurologist track my daughters progress.